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Slowly, they each begin to learn a little bit of Spanish and English, with the help of a pet parrot. All the animals must search the land looking for it, but only one small animal would not give up. El rey colibri: una leyenda Guatemalteca — A Guatemalan legend about a young chief who is transformed into a quetzal.

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El secreto de la llama: una leyenda Peruana — A Peruvian retelling of the Great Flood story, in which a llama saves the people. Related: Spanish Christmas Books for Kids.

Las mil y una noches #1 - Cuentos orientales - Libros recomendados

Throughout the years, even as Ana gets older, her older sister still gets to do the hardest parts- will Ana ever get to be in charge? Includes recipes. The kids decide the only way to find it is by eating their way through all the tamales! This book covers a very difficult subject with a tender book, perfect for kids. El Chocolate de Abuela — When abuela visits from Mexico, she always brings stories and treasures from her travels, which share rich traditions and customs of Mexico.

Esperando el Biblioburro — A true story of a teacher and librarian who created a mobile library on two donkeys to travel through the mountains and bring books to children in rural Colombia. Mi isla y yo — A beautiful introduction in Spanish for kids to island biodiversity, through an exploration of Puerto Rico.

Violeta Parra para chicas y chicos. Me llamo Gabriela — Another beautiful and inspiring look into the childhood and life of Gabriela Mistral. Let me know in the comments below! Read our story here. I love digging up the best Spanish resources for all you busy parents and teachers! This is such a neat list! May I recommend a book too? It is my newest poetry book for young people called Poesia Alada. I wrote all the poems originally in Spanish, which is my first language. Thank you!

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This list is very helpful as we build an immersion program. This is a great list with so many lovely books. I am just starting a class library and it is nice to see what other teachers have in theirs. Usually poetry is easiest to include in high school programs. Thank you so much! I bought a few of them…. Have a great week!

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  • I am excited to get some of these books for my classroom library. The kids love to join in.

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    The authors of the anti-princesa series have come out with several more as well — and also have some about men now too — I think called anti-heroe. Pin Share Buffer 1. Inside: Authentic Spanish books for kids. Nicaragua 7. Violeta Parra para chicas y chicos Like it? Pin it! Look For Search for:. Read More. Join the newsletter Want to stay in touch and hear from me weekly?

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    • Elie Wiesel: spokesman for remembrance. Nueva York: Rosen Pub. ISBN The second world war: a complete history.

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      Nueva York: Henry Holt and Company. FDR and the Holocaust. Nueva York: St. Martin's Press. Student companion to Elie Wiesel. Westport: Greenwood Press. Referencias Editar. Consultado el 12 de enero de Jewish Virtual Library. Consultado el 1 de marzo de The New Republic. Jesus and the eyewitnesses: the Gospels as eyewitness testimony.

      Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publisher. The Johns Hopkins University Press. ISBN X.