The Lost Lands of Reljae: Book Two of The Nimbus Rune Series

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Humans didn't live, changeless and unseen, for centuries. They couldn't call ice and snow with a touch and bit of will, they couldn't fly, and sad as it was to say, they were easier to kill than Jack was. Injuries Jack could shrug off, or ignore with a bit of effort, could end a human life. The damage to his knees and hands was nothing. Washed clean, and given the space of a single night, and he would be healed. By morning the scrapes would be covered with shiny new skin, pure white and without the- for him- healthy blue tint the rest of his skin had. Jack sighed, and looked around his shelter.

He had heard a man, once, describing something called an 'oasis', found in deserts. Deserts were places Jack was always reluctant to go, cold at night and blistering hot during the day. He had tried, once, curious about those 'oasis' things, but he'd been caught out by the sun. He'd been blinded by the light off the pale sand, and burnt by the heat, and so had never dared go back. But the idea of an oasis had continued to appeal to him, so he had He'd heard about them back during England's colonists had been going everywhere , and there'd been, what, revolts in mining towns somewhere? Africa or Wales or He had actually read books, or at least, looked at the pictures.

Jack knew he'd been able to read once, had vague and foggy memories of learning how to write out the different letters, but that skill was lost to him now. As time went on, more books became available, and Jack had flipped through the pages, eyes widening ever more with every new picture.

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An oasis, he knew now, was a source of water in the endless heat and sand of the desert. It was a place where things grew.

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And it was beautiful, though the beauty was strange to Jack's eyes. Dusty green plants, sparse and clearly struggling, against yellow and white sand He could see the appeal. He just wasn't sure he felt it. However different his shelter was to a desert oasis, he still felt the idea applied.

Here, in his shelter, there was beauty. There was safety, when all around was danger. And when the world turned and North America became nearly too hot to stand, there was a chill to the air here. It was a cave, but such a cave!

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It was bigger than the caves Jack was used to on the surface, even the ones that led into sprawling, subterranean labyrinths. Those were usually narrow things with low ceilings, or the ones Jack knew of were. This, though, this was a giant dome, like a mixing bowl turned upside down so Jack stood inside the curve. The walls were smooth, mostly, flecked with the occasional fist-sized crystal that glowed, bright enough for Jack's eyes, dim enough that he had no difficulty sleeping.

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