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Well worth the money. In view of your favourable disposition, allow me to enquire now how much you ask for your exertions in regard to a bride? Give me twenty-five roubles and the stuff for a dress, as is usual, and I will say thank you. Stytchkin folded his arms over his chest and fell to pondering in silence.

After some thought he heaved a sigh and said:. In old days when there were lots of weddings one did do it cheaper, but nowadays what are our earnings? If you make fifty roubles in a month that is not a fast, you may be thankful. It's not on weddings we make our money, my good sir. Stytchkin looked at the matchmaker in amazement and shrugged his shoulders.

Do you call fifty roubles little? In old days we sometimes made more than a hundred.

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I should never have thought it was possible to earn such a sum by these jobs. Fifty roubles! It is not every man that earns as much! Pray drink your wine. The matchmaker drained her glass without winking. Stytchkin looked her over from head to foot in silence, then said:. Why, that is six hundred roubles a year.

The Happy Ending

Please take some more. With such dividends, you know, Lyubov Grigoryevna, you would have no difficulty in making a match for yourself. You have such a figure, and your face is plump and fair, and all the rest of it. The matchmaker was embarrassed.

Stytchkin was also embarrassed and sat down beside her. A silence followed. Stytchkin began loudly blowing his nose, while the matchmaker turned crimson, and looking bashfully at him, asked:.

Seventy-five roubles, besides tips. Apart from that we make something out of candles and hares. Passengers who travel without tickets are called hares with us. Another minute passed in silence. Stytchkin got up and walked about the room in excitement. You are after my own heart, and you suit me in your qualities.

I am a practical, sober man, and if you like me. Allow me to make you a proposal!

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The matchmaker dropped a tear, laughed, and, in token of her consent, clinked glasses with Stytchkin. I am a strict, respectable, practical man. I take a gentlemanly view of everything. And I desire that my wife should be strict also, and should understand that to her I am a benefactor and the foremost person in the world. He sat down, and, heaving a deep sigh, began expounding to his bride-elect his views on domestic life and a wife's duties. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. It is a story about individual choices in life that leaves the reader with a hopeful, satisfying ending.

It is profound, lush, and a thought-provoking read. Very highly recommended. I was approved of an ARC copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This review in its entirety was originally posted at caffeinatedlife. Happy Ending is essentially a quiet family drama and how a stranger redirects the lives of a number of characters from a state of unhappiness and hopefully on a road to happiness.

While the presence of Marco at the villa pretty much upsets everyone's lives, his effect occurs in leaps and bounds; I didn't quite believe that these characters suddenly had a change of heart or that the change in one's relationship really happened. While the prose and reflection can be beautiful at times but the dialogue sometimes can come off as stilted and odd.

Nonetheless the book as a whole was an interesting read.

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Feb 09, Lolly K Dandeneau rated it liked it. A stranger arrives on a Tuscan estate and everything changes for the wealthy Italian Santini family. This seductive stranger is the one who will throw everyone like dice and cause everything to rearrange itself into a new order.

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The story is narrated by Aldo, who has been on the inside with the family and also an avid spectator. He is matriarch Violante's trusted friend and has longed for her elder son's widow, Lavinia since he was a boy. With his humble beginnings he has used his desire for a more lavish life to become successful. He has been driven on by his hunger for the Santini family. Violante's purpose is to find the family member who can take on the role as head of the family when she is gone. The family gathering is the perfect time to weed out the weak and find the perfect successor.

This is a novel of secrets, passions and changes.

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It is character driven, so if that isn't your cup of tea this novel won't work for you. I felt the writing flowed and the impact of decisions can change your life. It's a good story, I would have given four stars if the story crawled less. Nov 28, Sandra rated it liked it. Messed up lives, Italian style. A uninvited guest from America is the catalyst who solves the families problems.

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