The Frogs Stopped Singing

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter BlackKnight Start date Jul 29, BlackKnight Senior Member Jul 29, I have noticed an oddity for many years and I have never though to ask someone why it happens 'til now. I was just sitting on the back porch haing a cool adult beverage and a smoke when I noticed all the frogs in the creek area behind my house were in full chorus.

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It sounded like if you had all of them together you could have filled an 18 wheeler up in no time with them. Then all of a sudden every frog in the swanp just stopped.

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It was just like you flipped a switch, one minute you can't hear anything but the croaking then nothing. I mean not one single solitary frog croak anywhere! I am sure that there is an explanation for this and I am sure some of you more knowledgeable biology majors can tell me what the reason for this oddity is There skin is lined with an alkaline secretion called photo-magnetisesium. It allows the frogs skin to conduct small amount of electricity that encompasses its entire body.

It is used to sense preditors, feel vibrations that are extremly minute, and navigat in dark waters. The problem is the skin is also very sensitive to gamma rays from sun bursts, and ions that reflect back to earth off of clouds one of the reasons the live under ground during certain times of the year It also allows the to detect changes in the earths electromagnetic feild known as electromagnetic radiation.

Frogs Go Bump in the Night

Anytime you hear frogs all stop croaking at the same time it is because of high electromagnetic radiation beeing released from the earths core. This is harmless, but to the frog it is inturpreted as a preditor , like a bird flying over or a dog beeing near by, that just walked up on them. So wwhen it happens all frogs every where feel it, and they all stop croaking at once, out of fear they are about to be eatin. Naw i just made all that up, cant help it, i love to balderdash.

SneekEE said:. Now that is without a doubt one of the funniest things i have read on here. I actually read it, laughed out loud, read it again, laughed again, read it to my wife out loud, and we both laughed. Jul 30, Somehow Jesus gets lost in it all.

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It is that brief moment of silence when Jesus is front and center. For one hour, the croaking noise of life and Christmas activity stops and we rest in the presence of our God. We experience His peace. I pray you have such a moment this Christmas.

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