The Film-makers of Mars: A Tor.Com Original

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A confession: we may have modeled the blog on Tor.

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Add to Bag. This month, the site celebrates its 10th anniversary—a full decade of insightful blog posts, enlightening reviews, occasional heated controversies, the founding of a dedicated publishing imprint, and, oh yeah, the publication of hundreds and hundreds of short stories by some of the most respected authors in genre writing.

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To mark the milestone, Tor. We recently talked with Irene about how Tor. How did the original plans for Tor. Was short fiction always a part of the equation? Fritz Foy, now the publisher of Tor Books, came up with the idea for Tor. At the time, he was the head of our technology departments, and part of his mandate was to create experimental businesses that might benefit Macmillan.

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Short fiction was seen as part of that right from the start. Giving away fiction seemed a good way to attract readers.

It also gave us reason to establish relationships with more writers and artists than we normally would throughout the year. How did you justify to those holding the purse strings that it made sense to pay top rates for short stories—and illustrate them—and then give them away for free on the site? Macmillan is pretty great that way. They knew that to make it successful in the long run, we needed to be competitive and invest time and money.

Treating our authors and illustrators well, and making them excited to be published by Tor, is clearly good for us. Everyone wins. As for the art—I am really grateful they saw the benefits of commissioning art for each story.

It also helps us establish relationships with artists we may want to use on book covers. Although the Julie sections of the film leave a lot to be desired, Streep is a hoot as the spirited cook during her formative years. Brooks stars as a recently deceased man who must defend his lifelong cowardice to a court in order to advance to the next phase of existence, or be sent back to Earth to do it all over again.

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Streep plays Julia, a virtuous woman who becomes the object of his affection. After nearly 30 years and 12 failed nominations, Streep finally added a third Oscar to her shelf for the film, her second for Best Actress.

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Despite being the female lead, Streep won in the supporting category over co-star Jane Alexander. Streep broke her own Oscar record by receiving her 21st nomination for the film, her 17th in lead. What could easily have been a Lifetime melodrama is instead a subtle, intimate story of lost love and sacrifice.

Harrison Ford assumed the role of TV's man-on-the-run Dr. Richard Kimble — framed for the murder of his wife, who was killed by a mysterious one-armed man — in Andrew Davis's superb adaptation of The Fugitive.

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It's one of the decade's most solid big-budget thrillers, and bolstered by a Tommy Lee Jones supporting turn that nabbed the actor his first Academy Award. Surrealism of the most bizarre order, this adaptation of the Adult Swim animated series follows friends Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad who are, respectively, a wiseass milk shake, a flying bag of French fries, and a dim-witted wad of meat on an adventure far too insane and convoluted to succinctly summarize.

It's a masterpiece of unhinged madness, and one preceded by a riotous heavy-metal parody of pre-show concession advertisements-cum-theater etiquette announcements. Another film that slyly poked fun at its source material and itself , 21 Jump Street used the template of Fox's show about cops going undercover in high schools, and then ran with it for all manner of lunacy.

Replete with shrewdly handled surprise cameos, it's a first-rate adaptation elevated by the natural odd-couple chemistry shared by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. South Park 's cinematic debut delivered what its title promised, presenting a self-referential tale of movie censorship that's overflowing with filthy-mouthed outrageousness. It's a hysterical commentary on its own controversial nature, a deft musical, and a comedy that gets amazing mileage out of profanely mocking Canadians and Saddam Hussein.

Originally notorious for a production accident that killed Vic Morrow and two child actors, Twilight Zone: The Movie nonetheless remains a sterling adaptation of Rod Serling's seminal TV program.