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The Simpsons are colorless blobs. Mechanical arms color and detail the family. The family are hanged on nooses , staring blankly. Despite being dead from asphyxiation , Maggie manages to suck on her pacifier. The Simpsons are five malfunctioning wind-up dolls who buzz and waddle their way to the couch or at least near it.

A bowling pin clearing bar scares Snowball II off the couch, then a pinsetter places the family on the couch like bowling pins. The whole room is under water, the couch is made of clam shells, and a treasure chest is in place of the TV. Sea monkey versions of the family members swim in and sit on the clam couch. Homer notices a plug in the middle of the floor and pulls it. Everyone and everything gets sucked down the drain.

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Note: The floor is brown instead of green because of an error. The family sits. The camera then zooms in through a mouse hole, where a family of mice with similar features to the Simpson family rush to the couch and sit as well. Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are moose heads on the wall and Homer is a bearskin rug on the floor.

A game hunter comes in, sits on the couch, and smokes a pipe. The living room is bathed in black light, with the Simpsons in fluorescent colors while a hard rock guitar riff plays. Homer turns the light on, and the normal music plays. The Grim Reaper is on the couch. The family runs in, but keel over and die one by one.

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The Reaper then puts his feet up on the corpses of the Simpson family. Marge , Bart , Lisa , and Maggie deploy parachutes as they fall from the sky onto the couch. Homer comes down screaming and falls through the floor face-first from an unopened parachute pack. The couch sits in the middle of a desert ; in western cowboy garb, the family sits on the couch, which gallops off into the sunset. Clear blue bubble versions of the family members float into the room, land on the couch, and pop.

The whole scene is a Simpsons rendition of The Beatles ' Sgt. Pepper album, featuring a large crowd of regulars, several objects associated with the show, and wax statues of the Simpsons as they were on The Tracey Ullman Show. The last chord to the Beatles song, " A Day in the Life " plays instead of the traditional Simpsons music as the family comes in, standing front and center and dressed in Sgt.

Pepper regalia. Homer looks around and turns to look at the crowded scene behind him. This was also used as the cover for The Yellow Album. The family sits down, but now Bart is green. Homer fiddles with the TV antenna and Bart changes to red. Homer then returns to the couch, and smacks Bart in the back of the head in order to return him to his normal color yellow.

Everybody and everything is upside-down. The couch is replaced with a coin slot and the words "Vend-A-Couch" written on the wall. Homer puts a coin in; nothing happens. Homer pounds on the wall four times before the couch falls on him. The family flies into the room wearing jet packs. Maggie spirals in last with the rest of the family staring at her, landing in Marge's lap.

The couch is now a giant Whac-A-Mole game, with the Simpson family as the moles. The couch is folded out into a bed with Grampa sleeping on it. The Simpsons fold the couch in with Grampa shouting "Huh? The living room is empty. Cut to outside where Homer is struggling with a locked front door while the other members of the family wait impatiently.

The living room is in an " America Onlink " window on a computer screen. An unseen computer user tries to download the family, but the download shows no signs of progress after a few seconds and the user tries to exit the window which also does not work. The couch is on the deck of a ship at sea in rough waters, sliding back and forth with the tilt of the ship.

Dressed in raingear, the family sits on the couch, before an enormous wave washes them away.

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The TV surfaces moments later. Homer Simpson ".

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  • The family comes in, dressed as the Harlem Globetrotters , passing a basketball to each other while Sweet Georgia Brown plays. Maggie dunks the ball into the basket above the couch, hitting Homer on the head. Homer runs in alone and stands in front of the couch. The top half of him pops off and on to the couch revealing a smaller Marge standing inside the lower half of Homer, like a Russian nesting doll.

    The top half of Marge pops off revealing Bart, whose top half pops off revealing Lisa, whose top half finally pops off to reveal Maggie, who stays in the middle of Homer's body and sucks on her pacifier. The Simpsons sit on the couch. Metal shackles restrain their wrists and ankles and a metal cap comes down on all of their heads. The family writhes in pain as they get electrocuted. The couch is a trough filled with water. With their butts on fire, the Simpsons rush to the trough and sit to extinguish the fire.

    They all sigh in relief as steam billows out. Nahasapeemapetilons ". Bart runs in and spray-paints the family onto the couch, tagging it with an "El Barto" signature, then runs off. The living room is a sauna, with three men in towels relaxing. The Simpsons also in towels arrive, but leave sheepishly as the three men glare at them. The family sits; Matt Groening 's [12] live action hand spins the picture around, smearing the shot's paint.

    The Simpsons sit on the couch as normal. The camera zooms out and reveals that the living room is part of a snow globe that two hands shake to make the snow fall. The floor is a treadmill. Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie run in place for a few seconds, then successfully dismount, while Homer gets stuck on it, yelling, " Marge, stop this crazy thing!

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    The Simpsons go to sit on the couch, but fall on their butts when the couch gets pulled back. Nelson Muntz comes from behind the couch and laughs. Similar to the couch gag on " Homer's Triple Bypass ", the Simpsons are microsized and trying to get on the giant couch. Unlike the couch gag to "Homer's Triple Bypass," The Simpsons take a little longer to climb onto the couch and, once they reach the top, Santa's Little Helper grabs Homer and carries him away in his mouth.

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    The Simpsons are frogs with Maggie as a tadpole jumping to a lily pad "couch". Homer turns on the TV with his tongue.

    A vine grows in the middle of the living room and sprouts into a tree bearing Simpsons family versions of various fruits and vegetables: Bart is a strawberry , Homer is a squash , Marge is an asparagus , Maggie is broccoli , and Lisa is a pineapple. Their eyes are shown floating towards the heavens. The scene then cuts to The Simpsons sprouting from the ground amidst a garden of flowers. Bart spits up a clod of dirt. The Simpson family find themselves in Mrs.

    Similar to the couch gag from the season four's " Marge vs.