Ten Torrid Tales

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My heart was pounding, just thinking about wearing it to work for a whole day was making me hot, I slipped my panties off and attacked my husband right there. He didn't seem to mind. After dinner I tried on another outfit. This one was longer and heavier, it came down to my knees but had a slit up one side that would reach the waistband of my panties.

It also didn't require a bra, but showed off a good bit of cleavage. As I modelled it I placed one leg up on a chair causing the slit to fall open and my husband to say 'Hey I just saw some Pussaaay' in a mocking tone. I just smiled and knew I'd be wearing it to work tomorrow. I woke up the next morning and shook away the raunchy dream that I had been having. I went to the bathroom and showered and then came back to the bedroom. I was very horny, but my husband was ready for work and woud be leaving in a few minutes.

I looked at my new clothes hanging in the closet and maybe it was because I was horny, or maybe it was because deep down I knew what I wanted, instead of talking myself out of it, I grabbed the short black outfit and laid it on the bed. I chose bright red thong panties and pulled them over my freshly shaved legs. I also trimmed my bikini area that morning leaving only a thick patch of hair above and on my outer lips.

I looked over at the black nightee and with a deep breath I put it on. Next while gazing in the mirror I realized that I need a little more and threw on my solid black thigh highs. Again no lace, I didn't want it to look like underwear. There was a good inch between the top of the thigh high and the bottom of the nightee. I spun my hips making the nightee twirl up and saw the briefest flash of red.

I was getting wet just thinking about it. I went to the kitchen where my husband was putting his wallet and carkeys in his jacket on the way out. He stopped and looked up at me and for a moment he froze. I smiled waiting for him to say something.

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He didn't he just got a perplexed look. So I spoke. I'll bet it would turn you on outside. We fantasize about other men having me, how about the thrill of other men seeing me like this? It was a few minutes before I heard him leave. Once I was ready I stood with my keys and purse at the door for a few minutes. The worst case scenario was I got fired, there were two other malls fairly close by, and I could get a similar job in a matter of a few days. With a deep breath I opened the door and took one giant step onto the porch. I could see my car glinting in the moring sunshine, almost thirty feet away.

I just closed my mind and walked. Once in the car with one foot on the gas pedal and the other against the door I could see the red panties between my legs, and I could feel the dampness there, then I smelled it. My musky odor being blown up from the air conditioner.

I was driving down the highway and I could smell my own, well, my own pussy. It didn't serve to make me less wet and by the time I got to work I had fingered quite a wet spot into the crotch of my panties and took a moment to smell my fingers before shutting the car off.


I looked across the quiet parking lot it was a fairly long walk to the employee entrance. I began walking across the lot, my black pumps tapping the sandy asphalt. I don't think anyone really saw me, I walked into the break room where the timeclock is. There were three people there. A guy I hardly know and two of the floor girls that I talk to once in a while. They gawked. The women just turned away the guy continued to stare.

Very little of my work is down on the floor and my morning was pretty busy upstairs. My boss who is a guy and a little sexist approved fully and was working near me more than usual. I took note and to keep him happy made sure that he got a couple of good looks at my panties while I pretended to be looking away. It was making me crazy.

At morning break I masturbated in the women's room and came twice. My flirtacious male friends were both there and I revelled in the attention. Within minutes I was oblivious to the fact that I was on a sales floor in full view of customers and security cameras. We talked and giggled, while we organized the display. I didn't realize or care as I crouched on one knee organizing a lower shelf of jeans that Matt, one of my two admirers had a prime view of my now visibly wet panties until he reached over to help me and let his hand slip down across my crotch. I looked down and a barrage of thoughts flooded my mind as the sensation passed through my vagina and up my spine.

He was watching me to see how I reacted, I looked up to see Rob, the other work beau also watching. With a single minded decision I rocked my pelvis out a little giving Matt slightly better access.

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It took him a second, but he reached down and pulled the crotch of my panties away and off to one side. Instantly the air cooled the moisture which had been collecting there all day. Rob had a better view, but Matt deftly ran one finger up the crease of my slightly parted lips. The musky smell rose to my nose as I bent my head forward in an orgasmic rush. On shaky knees I got to my feet, Matt looked up at me devilishly. Fifteen minutes later after punching out for lunch and deciding we weren't hungry I found myself walking across the parking lot to Rob's Bronco.

Matt spent the whole walk across the lot telling Rob how wet I was. I was so horny if I didn't get a dick inside me soon I was going to tear off my clothes and hump the nearest car I could find until I couldn't come anymore.

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If I hadn't been as horny as I was I might've backed out of it, but the fact was they weren't seducing me I was telling them I needed to be fucked. I couldn't believe the words were coming out of my mouth. I climbed into the back seat behind Matt and in front of Rob and as I sat between them I was momentarily stunned by how quickly they came at me.

Rob pulling my breasts out of my top and squeezing and licking my chest. Matt immediately went to my still pulled to one side panties and in a matter of seconds was working two thick fingers in knuckle by knuckle. I got my bearings and searched out with my hands until I found a belt and a zipper.

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Within seconds Matt was lifting his bottom so I could free his cock. He in turn gradually tugged my panties down one side at a time with the hand that didn't have half it's digits buried in my aching pussy. I pulled myself off Matt's hand and free of rob and straddled Matt, easing myself onto his rock hard dick. As Matt turned and lay back I could hear Rob undressing, or at least de-pantsing. Then I felt it. A hand on each cheek followed by the ball tip of a peis at my ass-hole.

It was slick from my other juices running into it all day. He slipped in a little and I groaned clenching up as Matt threw my nightee into the front seat. Everyone stopped as my body slackened to accept the intrusion to which I was still a virgin. I came a lot, but not with either.

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A few moments later Rob came and the hot cum on my newly broken in behind wasn't as pleasant as I would've liked. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This.

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Director: Paul Thomas. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview: Racquel Darrian Chole [sic] Missy Amanda Nikki Tyler Paula Madelyn Night Lucy Jessica James Melanie Bridgette Monroe Virginia Jon Dough Chet Derrick Lane Brad Alex Sanders Steve Gerry Pike Language: English.

Runtime: 84 min. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Quotes Rocky : [ Racquel Darrian, and Nikki Tyler discuss a recent transexual threesome they had on holiday ] Butch was a woman Paula : No, he had hands like a man.

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