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As centuries went by, Takoda's followers began to praise him less and less, going from an idol to a tall tale and then finally a forgotten memory. It hurt him to feel like he was no longer wanted, but it was every god's fate sooner or later. Accepting his downfall with a grain of salt, Takoda decided that the earth's forests would be his home, a place that would always have need of him and him in need of it. Takoda is normally calm and collected towards anyone and anything, being a caring god above all else. Even with that, he isn't afraid to be agressive when he needs to be mainly for hunting, but if someone crosses him in some way definitely.

Takoda will attempt to be outgoing and try to make new friends, but keep in mind he hasn't had much human interaction since he's fall of power; his social skill are a little rusty.

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Be patient and understanding and you'll be fine. See More by Missstorywriter Featured in groups See All. Visual Art Original Work Traditional. Holy Nards, I am so proud with how this came out!! Thanks goes to Shizame for getting me an adopting mood weeks ago and leading me to find this gem as a result even if he doesn't see it like that XD! Anyone who knows where they went, let me know.

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I'd love to give proper credit! Yeah, those of you who've seen my work on other adopts I get know I tend to go in one of two directions; it gets altered a lot into something almost completely different or it stays the exact same with an awesome story behind it. I went down the first path hard with this artificialintelli. For never having tackled this kind of anatomy before, I feel it came out really well though he does look a little short in his 4 legs XP.

His markings and tattoos are what I really like; I tried using a new method by very lightly inking most of them while the rest got the heavy ink. Helped them to stand out more than usual, but not too much.

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Just as much as he can give life to nature, he can take it away; this mainly happens when he's angered or depressed. He's a big animal lover, often found with animals surrounding him. This is mainly evident in how he conjures or burns things away in the blue flames that he's able to magically produce from his body at will. Takoda wears the blue headband over his eyes due to him having Tapetum Lucidum in them Eyeshine, AKA what animals have to see in the dark ; he's still able to see through it fine during the day as a filter for sunlight, but will take it off at night or in dark places when his vision's at its best.

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Underneath, his eyes are a brilliant emerald green. Bio: Takoda is an ancient native tribal god that was long ago worshipped for his control over nature, helping to grow crops and plant life, bringing rainfall, fertile soil, etc. Personality: Takoda is normally calm and collected towards anyone and anything, being a caring god above all else. Image size. Great news! I will be at the book store on Main Street, Saturday, August 3rd from to p.

This is such great news because my dream is to have people who know and love the island enjoy the story of Tawny and Takoda. Invariably, at least one horse drawn wagon will be pulled up along side,. The Grand Hotel, Ft. Mackinac and the Arnold Dock are probably the most prominent. The above photo. The coal dock is to the left, just out of sight. This winter shot was taken from the Arnold Dock — looking toward the Coal Dock.

In , extensive restoration of the Coal Dock began. Built before , possibly as early. It was owned by the Arnold Line system for more. It is one of the most attractive sites on the waterfront and deserves preservation so that all visitors. The stern of one of the gorgeous wooden boats handcrafted at the Coal Dock barn. In Discovered — The Cross of Lorraine , the main characters are often travelling. Tawny and Takoda had the top deck to themselves.

They waved hello to the captain and sat near the bow, close to the side rails, and looked on as the practiced crew flung the lines off the dock pilings.

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The captain gunned the engines and quickly swung the boat around to face their destination, Mackinac Island. After they gained speed, he turned on the hydro pump that sucks up lake water, then shoots it out at the stern in a large plume of water. This energetic wonder adds excitement to.

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Ignace to Mackinac and always gets folks laughing on the way back. When Tawny and Takoda paddled their kayaks on the north side of the island,. And why not? There is an ancient legend that the arch was formed by the tears of a young Indian. This sturdy team of work horses from Mackinac Island Carriage Tours takes a break.