Setting Up a Cleaning Schedule That Works

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It turns out, I needed a cleaning schedule. The best part? I probably spend only about 15 minutes a day actively cleaning. Are you desperate for a new cleaning routine that will keep your place looking good with minimal effort?

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Here are some tips:. When The Mr.

If you wanted to put towels away, for example, you first had to shove over all the other stuff that lived on the towel shelf. I swear, it was harder to keep that tiny place clean than our current apartment, which is twice as big. Part of the problem is we just had too much stuff and not enough space. If you can, before you even begin this process, aim to organize or reduce what you have so that putting it all away is easy.

If you have kids contributing to your mess, look for toy storage solutions that keep toys grouped together e. And of course, consider donating toys that have been outgrown or that have gone unnoticed for a while.

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Create a list of tasks that must be done for your home to feel clean. I recommend mentally and possibly physically going through each room in your home and jot down what would need to be regularly done. Next, decide how you want to tackle this list. Do you prefer to clean one room at a time e. Or would you rather get similar tasks done together e. Or perhaps some combination of the two e. My printable cleaning schedule makes this part a breeze!

Print a few different versions of your schedule and tweak it until you have something that will stick, then hang it up somewhere in the house where you will see it regularly.

How to Tackle Everything on Your List

But he still needs to look good for work! So I help him out by doing a ton of ironing. I hate cleaning toilets, so I make this an easy day. Not so much for me. I also hate cleaning tubs!

Cleaning Checklists, Schedules & Charts | Molly Maid

So I do it every week. Part of the reason our elaborate checklists and systems for a house cleaning schedule fail is because they are TOO complicated. Once you have your list, underline the things that need to be done more than once in a one or two week period. The idea is that each day you do your daily tasks, then one or two items on your looping schedule. The video you watched explains this in more detail, but here is an example:. This is it!

How To Make A Daily Cleaning Schedule

This is a great daily and looping schedule that will make your house cleaning schedule sing. Just start back up and do the next things.

You are never behind. There are many ways you can approach looping for a house cleaning schedule that really works for you. I am happy to personally help anyone who purchases the system to set up a loop schedule that fits their needs. This is a great way to stick to your item loop but work in other lists of tasks that also need to be handled in your house cleaning schedule.

You know those intense spring cleaning efforts that happen each year? Get your loop schedule printable and turn it over. Get them all! It can be a running list you can add to later. The day that I get to my spring cleaning task, I flip over the page and choose an item. Or perhaps get that long duster out and dust the high ceilings.

A Weekly Cleaning Schedule You’ll Love

How have I never thought of this??? My house just may get clean after all. This is great! I, too, am domestically challenged. The hardest room to keep organized is my office at home. Any help please. I would find a bin or a small table to put nearby, and maybe some hooks, or all of those things!

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal Cleaning Tasks

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