Pee Where You Want, Man’s Best Friend Talks Back!

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And be genuine about it. Fake smiles are creepy. Why do they like it? Do they plan on stopping? It wants comfort. It wants you to be safe. We have the same genes now that we had 40, years ago. Talking to someone outside your tribe might have gotten you killed. Hence, your brain will scream and shout and freeze you and cause you actual physical pain if you want to talk to someone new.

Curiosity somehow bypasses the brain. Sometimes I lie in the sidewalk near where I am staying and I ask people for money as they pass. I do this to practice talking in uncomfortable situations. But if you stand straight and dress nice and smile, people will at least stop. They will wonder if you are an opportunity for them. Be one. I watched an interview show the other day.

A famous newscaster was on the street interviewing people. I thought this was nasty. Respect that everyone has it hard, or harder, than you do. People can smell that. One time I was interviewing a transvestite prostitute. She told me her parents had been in jail since she was a kid. And now that she is halfway in between, she was afraid to walk around during the day and have people stare at her.

I had no way to relate to her at all. My life seemed stupid. But I guess I felt like I was often an outsider. So I asked her about that. So she talked and talked.

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If no response occurs, and the door is locked, a 10 minute period is required before knocking again. The only time dicking over a buddy for a girl is legal, is when the girl ranks a 8 or above on the scale. A mans gotta scratch what a mans gotta scratch. This applies to picking as well.

Let the man be. No man shall ever watch any of the following programs on TV: Figure skating Men's gymnastics Any sport involving women unless viewed for sexual purposes If you accidentally touch or brush against any part of another man below the waist, it is an understood accident, and NO apologies or any reference to the occurrence is necessary.

No man shall spend more than 2 minutes in front of a mirror. If more time is required, a three minute waiting period must be allowed before returning to the mirror. Any dispute lasting any longer than 3 minutes will and must be settled by rock, paper, scissors.

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There is no argument too important for this determining method. No man will ever willingly watch a movie in which the main theme is dancing, and if a man shall happen to view such a movie it is only acceptable if its with a girlfriend. Only acceptable time when a man is allowed to cry: when a heroic dog dies to save his master. When your date is using her teeth.

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The day Anna Kornikova chooses a husband. If a bet is made, and the challenge is completed, then the bettor may recoup his money by immediately completing a more daring challenge. If he refuses the challenge or chooses not to propose one, then and only then, must the money be paid. Masturbate often. If a hot girl shall happen to pass by while you are in an arms reach of your buddy, you must, and will, tap him on the shoulder to make him aware of the babe. A man's shoes may not intentionally match any other article of clothing on his body.

No comment shall ever be made to a man about how much he is sweating.

Pee Where You Want Mans Best Friend Talks Back.

In fact, there is no need bring notice to any body part which he may be sweating from. No man shall ever allow anyone to speak ill of The Simpsons or any Rocky movie. Exception: Rocky V You have not made any mistake if you find that there are extra pieces after reassembling or assembling an object. In fact, you have just found a way to make that object more efficient. There are is never an occasion in which any shirt without buttons may be tucked in. Exception: when you are participating in a organized sporting event It still escapes all reasoning as to why they even make them in adult sizes.

Any object thrown with reasonable speed and accuracy, MUST be caught. No man shall ever keep track of, or count, the amount of beers he has had in a night. Under no circumstances may two non-related men share a bed or anything which can be perceived as a mattress. In an empty room, car, ect. If you jiggle more than twice, your playing with it. A man shall never help another man apply sun tan oil.

The guy who wants something the most is responsible for getting it.

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If your friend says " Lick my nuts " as a way to put you down , don't try to be funny by saying "OK" and moving your head towards his crotch, two homosexual references in a row are just plain scary If you say ouch, you are a pussy! It is the God given duty of every man to assist any other man that may be in need of assistance in obtaining every guys dream threesome with two girls. Dude, you have to distract this chicks dirty friend , it's guy code! An extremely sacred code shared between all men. Its pretty much common sense. So if a guy tells you some deep shit , you don't tell someone else.

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If you talking about a chick, you don't tell any other chick cuz shit spreds. Every man Is born with guy code in there system. Breaking this code could send the person in to deep depression depending on what it was and you could lose trust from all peers. If you see a dude m aking out with a girl and he's got a girl friend, don't say shit to any one. Once you break Guy Code there is pretty much no coming back.

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