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Read the latest interview with Peter in the International Thriller Writers magazine.

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Flick Faulds, Private Eye, has the lowdown on Peter's latest activity Coming Up When Peter's French publishers read it, they liked it so much that they insisted on buying world rights, and so the book - set in the Outer Hebrides - was published in French before it came out in any other language!

Several European publishers became involved in bidding wars when it was unveiled at the Frankfurt book fair in October and it will shortly be published in most European languages. French speakers may be interested to check out the reviews on Peter's French website, and English speakers will be pleased to know that they won't have to wait too much longer to read it.

Watch this space for more info Just looking at the proposed list of Peter's books scheduled for publication this winter and discovered that there will be Peter will arrive in the US again in March for a Spring tour, so it looks like he will have plenty to talk about, including The brand new standalone: Virtually Dead January, hardcover and paperback simultaneously The brand new 4th Enzo File latest in the series : Freeze Frame March, hardcover and paperback simultaneously The 3rd of the Enzo Files: Blacklight Blue March, paperback And a flurry of China Thrillers in hardcover and paperback There will be one more new book by Peter out in October Editions Rouergue bought the world rights and so the book will be available in French before it is published anywhere else in the world in English!

Peter's Broadcasts Available now Blacklight Blue Playlist Snakehead Playlist. Details of the broadcast follow, but first, have a look at author Carl Brookins' interview with Peter. You can find it here Carl Brookins talks to Peter.

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December 29, Peter's Live Internet Broadcasts The first broadcast went incredibly smoothly. Too smoothly. The second made up for that when Peter lost his internet connection 2 minutes before the broadcast was scheduled. Re-setting the modem and re-booting proved useless. So a telephone call from France to New York resulted in Peter's brother-in-law logging on, taking control of the online studio, locating the pre-recorded segments and getting the show on the air only 3 minutes after the scheduled time! That gave Peter 27 minutes to locate someone with hi-speed internet that was working, and persuade them to let him come and use it Another 4 telephone calls later he was away with his laptop, driving through narrow country roads in the dark, through France.

After all the required French formalities: kisses, handhakes, pleasantries, some hasty explanations what's French for "live internet broadcast"?! Cue live camera You can now view the recorded part of the show, which is running on a loop on the station, here Blacklight Blue "A cerebral, chilling tale bound to burnish May's reputation. An engrossing mystery" Library Journal To get your copy In the USA, Click here to support your local independent mystery store by ordering Peter's books from one of them or order from: Blacklight Blue December 28, Join Peter on his Live Internet Broadcasts Peter will be making two live video broadcasts and you will be able to see and hear him wherever you are in the world, on The broadcast will include a Question and Answer session, in which you will be able to participate, by sending questions to him, live by text or by E-mail in advance from this form.

Peter will be giving you all his news live, and talking about his new Enzo File In the USA, Click here to support your local independent mystery store by ordering Peter's books from one of them or order from: Blacklight Blue "A cerebral, chilling tale bound to burnish May's reputation. An engrossing mystery" Library Journal. From his home in France, Peter will be present via Skype live video link at a discussion with readers and members of the public in Iowa, USA.

New members are always welcome. A new page on the website is an archive of all things video and audio.

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As well as the videos which can be found on Peter's Youtube page, you'll find podcasts and TV interviews in English and in French! Peter has two new channels where he will be able to broadcast worldwide live. Right now he's busy writing his next book well, it has to be done sometime! Winners will be announced in October. The third book in The Enzo Files series will be published later this year and Peter is already thinking about book 4.

To whet your appetite for more of Enzo, click on the "play" button on the video below to catch a glimpse of Enzo's home town, Cahors. At some events, you can even get a chance to tast the wines mentioned in "The Critic"! Peter was made a Chevalier de l'ordre de la Dive Bouteille as a result of all the research he did on Gaillac wines for his latest book. On this year's tour Peter will not only talk about the book, but will also be able to let readers taste it!

The wines that he mentions in the book will be available for the first time in the USA and on Peter's tour, many of the venues have been able to arrange for him to do a wine-tasting with readers. So come along and get a "taste" of Peter's books Still with some details to be confirmed, here is the latest news about Peter May's tour of thr USA He found himself facing all-French competition in the final shortlist of seven writers for France's most unusual literarly award. This is the second time that Peter's books have been honored in his adopted homeland. The summer has been devoted to the writing of Peter's third book in The Enzo Files series.

Both are respected book critics and radio presenters who regularly host live events at the major French book festivals.

Peter says, "They're a pleasure to be with and always do their utmost to make me feel at ease on stage with them. They even manage to make it look as if I can actually speak French. Lorient is a Breton port town, a favourite with sailors and pleasure cruisers. The last time Peter had been there was for the Celtic Film and Television Festival in the early 90s, when the Gaelic drama serial Machair, which he co-created and produced, was nominated for an award.

This Festival Inter-Celtique was mainly centred around music and for once Peter wasn't alone in France in his kilt. Scottish and Irish singers and musicians filled the streets of the Breton port. The Guinness flowed in the beer tents and Rachid provided some fine Scotch malt whisky in the "Bistrot Litteraire".

One whole side of the harbour was taken over with tents of bookstalls pic above , where authors signed their works for the public in the sunshine. Peter May signing booksOne rather bizarre event occurred while Peter was there. The festival in Lorient coincided with a fete day at Bretenoux, the small town close to Peter's home in South West France.

Artzimut, an arts organisation, had decided to conduct a tour of the hamlet where Peter lives and had wanted him to give a talk about his work. When they discovered that he would be at the other end of the country, they insisted that there had to be some other way of having him "attend". To that end, they set up an internet link so that he could give his talk by video.


So on the Saturday afternoon, Peter got connected from his computer via the Lorient hotel's WIFI to a computer set up by Artzimut in the garden of his home. They then announced that each group would contain around people! They had arranged to project his image on to a large screen and had set up loudspeakers so that everyone would be able to hear him. In all, more than people ended up coming to Peter's garden to hear him talk about his writing. Just back from a successful two months spent touring the United States. Now Peter has been invited to appear at several book festivals in France.

More details can be found on Peter's French website. Then Peter will go into hibernation to write the third book in The Enzo Files series - with all this touring, talking and signing there's no time for writing! It will be published in November Details of title to follow. For the latest list of confirmed locations and dates, click here.

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Watch this space for further details. Here are a selection: "Read an astoundingly good book the other day. Just outstanding. As much an examination of French intellectual culture as a thrilling and tension-filled mystery, the novel is filled with multi-dimensional flawed individuals. The author's examination of society and the human condition is fascinating and enthralling. The conclusion is as exciting and entertaining as one could ask for. A dynamite novel and a fine beginning to what promises to be an outstanding crime fiction series.

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I highly recommend it!! Action escalates at every turn and becomes breathtaking at the denouement. Lots of energy throughout the book. The presumed premise for this series, celebrated unsolved murders, is a captivating one" Hidden Staircase Mystery Books "This taughtly written thriller moves from the catacombs under Paris through the countryside surrounding this great city. I found it hard to put down.

Peter May does a wonderful job This is an intelligent story that every mystery fan should read. To place your order: US readers click here for Amazon. Rising to a challenge from the local police chief, Enzo accepts a bet to prove that the latest science and technology could bring cold case killers to justice.

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  • His quest takes him on a journey through French landmarks and the Paris catacombs on the trail of one of France's most notorious unsolved mysteries. Remember the title. Read the book. Enzo lets you in on the first set of clues which turn up in "Extraordinary People". Solve the puzzle, decode the message which they contain, and you could win a peronalised, autographed copy of the book.

    He'd been nominated in the category of "first" novel. It was an easy mistake for people to make. Due to the years he spent writing and producing drama serials for Brirtish Television, The Firemaker was the first novel he'd had published in the US for a very long time, but the truth is, he had been published there before, so he had to let the organisers know and take his name off the shortlists. But it was nice to receive the nominations! Peter spent February in California researching his latest book and came back to a busy month of March in France with the French editions of The China Thrillers, so there is a lot of news to catch up with He also participated in a forum at the fair where he and two other crime writers were interviewed by a journalist on stage in front of an audience Peter has been invited to appear at book fairs and bookstores in France all across the summer.

    Details can be found at his French website Martin's Press has confirmed that they will be publishing books two and three in the China Series. This series is a move away from China and will introduce a whole new group of characters. The second book in the series, which Peter is currently researching, has been commissioned and Peter says that working with Barbara has been "an absolute joy".

    We'll be bringing you more information about these new books in the very near future.