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So we just have to look at our budget. Having a two-years-contract with Nadal might prevent getting Federer. We will wait and see.

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We have one full time green keeper in Stuttgart as well as support from Wimbledon. We use the same seeds as they do in Wimbledon. The Slazenger balls will be also the same.

The players can prepare perfectly on their road to Wimbledon. Unfortunately, the players will not be dressed in white. Aber bei Rudi und Roman Molleker hat man nicht den Eindruck, dass einer drillt und der andere leidet, und vielleicht hat das ja damit zu tun, dass sie alles zusammen gelernt haben, und dass der Sohn den Vater braucht, aber der Vater auch den Sohn. Wegen des Sprachfehlers. Telefonate, Verhandlungen, Probleme in der Schule — alles, was besprochen werden muss, erledigt der Trainer oder Rudi selbst.

Wie denn ein typischer Rudi-Tag aussehe, will die Kika-Moderatorin jetzt wissen. Rudolf Molleker setzt seine Tasche ab. Leconte nur einen und gar keine Tasche. Aber dann ist es genau so, wie der Trainer es vorausgesagt hat. Er kommentiert jetzt jeden Ball. Auf einmal steht es , unentschieden. Rudi Molleker schaut zu seinem Vater, der nickt.

Am Ende gewinnt er Zufrieden ist er trotzdem nicht. Er ist ungeduldig. Zu ungeduldig.

Guide Novak Djokovic - Sein Weg zur Nummer eins (German Edition)

Das sagen sein Trainer und sein Vater. Daran muss er arbeiten. Bis dahin trainiert er in Berlin, morgens mit dem Vater in Pankow, nachmittags mit dem Trainer in Spandau. In die Schule muss er die letzten Tage nicht mehr. Da ist sowieso nur noch Wandertag. But please don't ask me which is perfect chosen with regard to the correct tense. I find it interesting that you have so profound knowledge of Lithuania.

How long did you live there? May be it's all been said here but for me it's new. For the time being this may be enough - I will now spend time on my flat which is really necessary. Enjoy yourself on this beautiful day! Comment viel Mal?

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Mukran - Klaipeda? Kurische Nehrung? Do you have any roots in Lithunia, Amy-MiMi? Just one more question: I read and heard people saying next Friday meaning the nearest Friday in the future and Friday next when they meant the Friday in the next but one week. Is that a common way? Comment Hi Amy, thanks for the "F"! Don't know what it means - may be "F" like "Fehler finden" or so. Like Walther I saw your sentence with "viel Mal" and thought quite the same - that you probably were a bit in a hurry and mixed "viele Male " up with "vier Mal".

But may be Walther is right with the "Kurische Nehrung" which sounds interesting, too.

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For me it is the upcoming Friday but some people mean the next but one Friday. To explain this they said it would mean "diesen Freitag" what sounds rather strange, too. Just have a look around my flat - still plenty of work! See you, then! Wenn ich am Mein Schwiegervater sagt etwas eigenartiges, aber das verwirrt mich nur. Du hast richtig getippt, waltherwithh.

Wimbledon-Finale: Pfiffe gegen Sieger Novak Djokovic - Boris Becker kritisiert Zuschauer

Comment Hello and good evening my dear CC snails. I feel quite bad for having been absent for quite a while now, but I hope you still remember me? A few days after I started, me and a few colleagues were sent to Venice for almost 2weeks to prepare and work the opening ceremony of the German pavillon at this year's architecture biennale. That was a crazy experience. I've been to La Biennale before, also during the preview days.

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But actually having to organize the preview and opening and international press requests was something I've never done before. So it was also very interesting, even if I am still recovering physically, because those 10 days were so very exhausting. Upon my return I was immediately assigned to work on 3 other projects simulateously, one more urgent and important than the other, of course, depending which project manager you ask.

But since all my colleagues are really great and nice and share a similar CV and interests with me, it's not too bad. We'll see how things continue when the end of my contract comes closer. Other than that general life back in DE is still tough for us, almost hostile at times, especially towards the hubby, and if things don't turn for the better until the end of the year, we will seriously have to consider other options.

So far 6gon we are not getting warm with this place 6goff. I didn't have time to follow the last few threads, so I am sure I missed out on a lot of wonderful topics. Maybe I can soon join in again on some "the office-esque" storytelling. Recently I only had to deal with quite a number of professional secretaries, who didn't know how to follow a link and print the pdf the link led to.

But I guess that's a generational thing. I, on the other hand, don't know how to work the fax machine, when they ask me to fax something instead of emailing it. Have a nice Sunday evening , y'all. Comment Hi Jools! I was thinking where you were! Nice to hear from you. Of course you made me curious what kind of hostility you and your husband have to face, when it's so bad it makes you think about drastic changes moving away again, probably I was in Mukran once when we were on holiday on Ruegen.

Still have some of them. Comment Morgen bzw. Comment No, imo not. It would be Informationen geben without an- , or - depending on the context - Infomationen heraus geben.


What do others say? Comment Gut'n Tach!

Ich bin 15 Jahre alt. Wie alt bist du? Sie ist That kind of thing.