Growing Up In Mamas Club - A Childhood Perspective of Jehovahs Witnesses

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 24, John Alan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who has been or is thinking of becoming a Jehovah's Witness. Growing Up in Mama's Club might give you the impression that it's going to be another one of those "poor, unfortunate me" books.

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There are dozens of "poor me" stories by former Jehovah's Witnesses, but Richard E. Kelly's book definitely does not fall into that category. Right from the start you feel like you are a "fly on the wall" as he describes the fear he felt when a very large and intimidating woman comes to his house to "witness" to his mama. Kelly describes his childhood experiences with Growing Up in Mama's Club might give you the impression that it's going to be another one of those "poor, unfortunate me" books. Kelly describes his childhood experiences with an openess and candor that is refreshing.

He holds nothing back as he shares not only his disappointments and lost opportunities, but also the many joyful and loving moments he had as he grew up. You will probably shed a tear or two along the way, but you will also be laughing as you relate to some of the stories he shares about the most intimate moments of his childhood. Kelly could have made his mama and step-father appear to be villains throughout the book, but he doesn't take that approach at all.

He describes in detail some of the conflicts they had, especially during his later teens. Instead, he makes it clear that his parents were also victims of a religion that controlled every aspect of their lifestyle - even where they lived and the type of car they owned. Mama's Club also succeeds on another level.

You really feel Kelly's inner turmoil as he tries to make his mama happy and gain his step-father's acceptance by being active in their religion - while not believing in either its teachings or its methods. Many readers will understand and relate to Kelly's hypocrisy, because many of us have also had a similar relationship with our parents' religion. Mama's Club is directed toward anyone that has been a part of the Jehovah's Witness religion, but everyone can relate to and enjoy this story. It's a very easy read and includes a fair amount of background information for anyone not familiar with the Watchtower culture.

I found it hard to put this book down when I started reading it. I still go back and read some of my favorite chapters again and again. It's a very enjoyable and memorable book. Sep 29, A. K Nowak rated it really liked it. I can see even more clearer now how JW are def not the true religion are as they paint themselves! Recommend to read percent for sure! Apr 30, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-lendable.

When I come across books Amazon notes as Lendable, I'm going to start marking them and posting them like this. William Albrecht takes the positive position and Dr.

Musharraf Hussain takes the negative position. Musharraf Hussain is an accomplished Islamic scholar, educator, author, and scientist.

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William Albrecht has a B. Happy New Year!

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We only have 9 more shows left until Hurting to Healing comes to an end. Tune in to hear the line up for and a short message on Truth. Isaac Coverstone shares his experience in the same cult and the parallels with other cults are amazing! Ralph Brickley shares his story coming out of the legalism of Oneness Pentecostalism into the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Is Jesus' birth really on December 25th? William Albrecht. Christmas Trees.

Candy Canes. Cut-out Cookies. Why do we do what we do? Are we buying into these things blindly, just following the masses? Not going with the crowd on this one!

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Why do I put these things up? Sheila and I have been married for 24 years raised as Jehovah's Witnesses and even had a kingdom Hall wedding. We will share some of those photos for those in the video suite so come and meet the family on video! Amber my eldest daughter will share what its like growing up as not a Jehovah's witness and in a normal Christian setting! Come meet the family and laugh with us! Also some flashes of the most energetic boy my son Ethan! We will explore many of the objections and find out if this Holiday is truly a Holy day.

I am charged guilty and I agree. I stood guilty as charged. Are you guilty as charged? Do you worry about getting caught or found out?

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Do you wonder if you will ever be forgiven? It's time to face it! Let go of the guilt and shame and know that you will be forgiven! She practices Zen while attending a non-denominational church and tells her story. During these years, she also participated in past life regression, numerology, Tarot cards, spirit contact, seances, astral travel, and received a spirit guide through a guided visualization.

Musharraf Hussain vs. What I learned was that a wrathful God would punish me if I didn't follow all the rules. And there seemed to be rules for everything-including what I could read, what I could wear, and what I could do. What happens at death?

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Is Death the end or is there more? Was Hell an invention of the Christian church?

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Is Hell ostensibly too cruel? Is Heaven too wonderful and why should any deserve it? All these questions and more will be touched on. HXO Re-telecast Dr.

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