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Barbara Fredrickson suggests that positive emotions make us more resilient to setbacks, improve our relationships, and may even change our…. Jeremy Hunter , founding director and associate professor of practice at the Executive Mind Leadership Institute , explains how to combat…. Gratitude may be good, Robert Emmons explains, but it isn't always easy.

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He considers some of the myths around gratitude and obstacles to…. In this presentation at the Greater Good Gratitude Summit, Chris Murchison describes his efforts to create an organizational culture at….

Jack Kornfield shares extraordinary stories of forgiveness--and explains how the next story could be yours. Scroll To Top. What You Love Matters Do you love running, parties, or chocolate? What Are the Solutions to Political Polarization?


Get the science of a meaningful life delivered to your inbox. Most Popular. By Jill Suttie July 9, By Jill Suttie July 8, By Zaid Jilani July 4, The Science of Happiness at Work Greater Good's online course series offering research-based strategies for more satisfaction, connection, and purpose at work.

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Learn More. Greater Good Institute for Health Professionals A three-day intensive training to foster purpose, resilience, and connection. Take a Greater Good Quiz! Patients with rare diseases can store their health information and share it meaningfully with providers, institutions, and their community.

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Ideas made possible through conversation. We turn ideas into real-life solutions that better the world we live in through practical technology, open data, and collaborative community. Using human-centered design, we build projects, products, and services that have a lasting impact in the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

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