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A good first step toward launching your career in cloud computing is to create a virtual desktop.

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For example, if you work for a company of employees, you could easily launch desktops. Like any other cloud vendor, AWS gives you more than a dozen desktop options. You can choose from myriad Windows or Linux desktops and launch them within minutes. You can create one or thousands. Of course, the more you create, the larger your bill.

Anyhow, let me show you how I got started. First, I created an AWS account, which was free at the time of this publication. Then, I navigated to the WorkSpaces section and selected a region. You should choose the region where you plan on computing the most.

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I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I chose the U. West Oregon. Once I selected a region, I clicked on the WorkSpaces icon and followed three simple steps to set up my virtual workstation, as shown in Figure For this particular example, I chose the Quick Setup option because I want to show how easy it is to get started.

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You can go back and create another workspace and explore the more advanced options later. Notice in Figure 4 that I was given a choice of platforms to launch. With hybrid cloud, some of your processing occurs in your private cloud and some in the public cloud, perhaps to support periods of high demand. Infrastructure as a Service IaaS delivers only the compute, storage, and networking capabilities on demand.

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Platform as a Service PaaS adds tools for developing applications in the cloud. Software as a Service SaaS offers applications on a subscription basis. Once this list exists, begin assessing applications for their readiness and appropriateness in the cloud. Choose an application that is significant enough to demonstrate the benefits of the cloud, but not so critical it will put your business at risk if you experience difficulties.

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  8. You may want to start by moving non-production environments, such as those for development and test. Another great place to start is by moving standard packaged applications such as Office Plan for its impact on business users, your operations team, and you disaster recovery plan.

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