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When calculated, it just happened to be the year that Christ was crucified for sin.

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After that year had passed, nobody qualifies to fulfill this prophecy. Chapter 38 famously predicts a future war, when an enemy comes against Israel from the North. An introduction to Daniel, a book of prophecy. Daniel was one of the god-fearing young Hebrews taken captive in Babylon, and rose into the government during the reigns of several kings. It reveals how God is faithful to his people even in times of duress. An introduction to the Apostle Paul's letter to Titus, describing ideals for the local church to strive for.

And the church is the people, not the building! The Apostle Paul tells Titus how a good local church ought to be organized, and who qualifies to be a leader. A glimpse of the future plans of our omniscient and all-powerful God, surrounding the Middle East. The Hebrew words for woman ishshah and man ish sound alike. Get beautiful Bible art delivered to your inbox. Your Faithlife account signs you in to all our sites.

Full Name. This account already exists. Did you forget your password? There was an error while trying to create your account. Please try again soon. Genesis — Show footnotes. Hide footnotes. Sign up for the Verse of the Day Get beautiful Bible art delivered to your inbox. Forgot your password? Create account. Create a free account. Registering account… This account already exists. The Fall. The Fall, continued.

The Fall, concluded. Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel, continued. The Flood. Noah a Type of Christ. The Typology of the Ark. God's Covenant with Noah.

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Noah's Fall and Noah's Prophecy. Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. The Call of Abraham. Abraham and Lot. Abraham and Melchizedek. Abraham's Vision. Abraham and Hagar. Abraham at Ninety and Nine. Abraham at Gerar. The Birth of Isaac. The Offering Up of Isaac. The Man Isaac.

Isaac Blessing His Sons. The Man Jacob.

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Jacob at Padan-Aram. Jacob at Padan-Aram, continued. Jacob's Departure from Haran. Jacob at Mahanaim. Jacob at Peniel. Jacob Meeting Esau. Jacob at Bethel Again.

The Sunset of Jacob's Life. Jacob's Prophecy. Jacob's Prophecy, continued. Joseph As a Youth. Joseph Betrayed by His Brethren. Joseph in Egypt. Joseph's Exaltation. Joseph the Savior of the World. Joseph and His Brethren, Dispensationally Considered.

The Book of Genesis - Part 2 of 2

Joseph and His Brethren, Evangelically Considered. Click the respective chapters below for the sermons listed Summary Chart of The Book of Genesis. Abraham's Faith Ge Isaac's Family Ge Jacob's Conflicts Ge Joseph's Calamity Ge Beginning of the Hebrew Race Family of Abraham. Faithfulness of Mankind Noah. Faithfulness of One Man's Family Abraham.


Eastward From Eden to Ur. Westward From Canaan to Egypt. Primeval History of Humanity. Patriarchal History of Israel.

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Genesis A Question for Atheists. A Revelation of God and of Nature. Beginning is a Word Familiarly on Our Lips. Chance Cannot Explain Order in Creation. Archbishop Tillotson.

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Chance not Creative. James G. Murphy, LL. Creation a Comforting Thought. Creation's Birth. Genesis of the Universe. God the Author of All Things. God the Maker of Heaven and Earth.