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Thanks for all the great lesson, tip and great view on life on the comments. As you probably guessed from the name, this book is about portrait photography. It is my belief that portrait photography is one of the most challenging and rewarding fields of photography.

Digital Photography - A Beginners Guide

This is why I am always happy to expand my knowledge about it, mostly through experience, but also through reading. So, portrait photography it is.

The Best Books about Digital Photography for Beginners

If you are not a regular reader, you can hop over , read a bit, and get some idea on what the book would feel like. The book covers a very wide set of topics, from general portrait tips, though equipment, lighting, approaching people, lots of posing tips and more. Once you find what you like, you can either look for the author on the web or get a book that deals with the relevant subject in more depth.

I also think that it can provide a quick boost into the field if you are just starting to develop your portraiture style. Since the book is built in a very blog-like way, you get a crammed session with hundreds of tips in a very concentrated time. Ok, the book is great and packs lots of great chapters about 26, if you must ask.

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However, two of the chapters really hit a technical cord with me: As a DIY blogger, I could not not-adore the shooting portraits like a pro on a budget chapter which outlines a portraiture setup very much in the spirit of DIYP. I also loved introduction to portrait lighting which breaks down portraiture lighting and direction in a way very similar to the portraiture lighting cheat sheet we did a while ago.

Darran was too kind to provide two copies of the book to DIYP readers. Here is how to try and snag one for yourself you can do one of each :.

Use the Rule of Thirds

Option 2 — leave a comment with a quickie or longy portrait tip or a link to a portrait you love. I will update this post on Monday with two lucky and grateful winners — one from the comments and one from twitter. PS — the ruffle for a one year Wix premium account is still open here.

Udi Tirosh is the Founder and Editor in Chief of DIYPhotography, he is also a photographer, a relentless entrepreneur, a prolific inventor and a dad, not necessarily in that order.

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Thats a really great article! I like how you have written about your favorite chapters. Read more. Group Portrait Photography Handbook. Children's Portrait Photography Handbook.

Best Photography Books for Teaching Kids Photography

Guide to Climbing Photography. Portrait In Photography Critical Views. Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook. Studio Photography: Essential Skills.


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