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If you have had heart surgery, wait until your breastbone has healed about six to eight weeks after the operation. Some positions may be more comfortable than others. Stop having sex if you experience the warning signs of a heart attack. If you have breathlessness or chest discomfort during or after sex, you should consult your doctor.

Try not to have sex after eating a large meal, drinking alcohol or when you are very tired.

Take things slowly - it can take time for a sexual relationship to get back to normal. Building on intimacy is a good start. Intimacy is an important part of sexuality. You may feel very differently about your body and your sexuality. You and your partner may have unspoken fears that make you avoid being intimate. But delaying intimacy will only increase the anxiety around sexual intercourse. If you need help, call Beyondblue on 22 46 Beyondblue is an independent, not-for- profit organisation working to increase awareness and understanding of depression and anxiety in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma.

Sexuality is not just the act of sexual intercourse. You can find new ways of doing things and new positions that still bring you and your partner pleasure. Take things slowly. At first it is best to be the less active partner. The good news is that the lifestyle changes that help your heart can also help your sex life. Sexual activities that take less energy can be a bridge to resuming intercourse. They could include masturbation, oral sex, sex toys or reading erotic material.

These can all be normal and healthy ways to fulfil sexual needs of you and your partner. Some sexual positions may be more comfortable, especially if you need to avoid stress on the breastbone after heart surgery.

Start with less strenuous positions e. Use a comfortable, familiar setting so you feel less stressed. You could create a romantic atmosphere, using soft music and candles. Think about timing. Plan to have sex when you are both least fatigued and well rested e.

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This will enhance sexual performance. You can also talk to your cardiac rehabilitation coordinator, sex counsellor or the Heart Foundation Helpline. You may notice changes in your sexual interest or ability. This is common and is usually short-term.


It can be because of things like tiredness, depression, anxiety, concerns about physical ability and the effect of your medicines. Erectile dysfunction can be related to your medicines, or other causes. It can also be connected with other things, like acute stress, anxiety or depression, your age and your erectile function before your heart attack. Talk with your doctor about possible causes and what might help. Erectile dysfunction can be improved with medicines or other aids.

Both men and women often fear a failure to perform.

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For men it might about getting a good erection, and for or women it might be about difficulty getting aroused. You may feel that your partner is no longer sexually attracted to you. They might be afraid that sex will cause you to have another heart attack. You and your partner will need time to adjust to the physical and emotional changes after your heart attack or heart surgery. Encourage your partner to talk openly about their fears and feelings.

Relationships and sex after a heart attack | The Heart Foundation

For some couples, professional relationships counselling can be a good option to give you the opportunity to talk about your feelings and any changes in your relationship since the heart attack or heart surgery. Sexual relationships are most satisfying when you can discuss your thoughts, feelings and concerns openly with each other without fear of rejection of embarrassment. Get more information about anxiety from the Beyond Blue website. What a sight!

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Do we have to have this kind of thing in Alice? We will end up with all the restaurants up the mall selling beer and wines. Come on, we have got too many fully licensed places now. Whatever happened to truth, liberty, freedom and justice? It provides the intelligence essential for our armed forces and also warns of potential terrorist attacks on Australia.

PDF Couples Erotica: Aboriginal Lover

This facility has been targeted by the Medical Association for Prevention of War and other Leftist groups that seek to divide Australia from her allies and neuter our military. MAPW's spokesman Dr Bill Williams wants to shut Pine Gap down with the absurd "because it is a nuclear target and so a vital preliminary step in the health care for all Australians". These groups seem so concerned with Iraqi lives yet have no problem in putting Australian lives at risk.

They should be given the contempt they deserve for attempting to shut down the very security of Australia when we need it the most. Bad for us, bad for the U. S and bad for Iraq! A bad idea! Please, do not allow your outrage over the napalming of local Balinese workers and holiday makers from Australia and all over the world to confuse that fact. I am not a pacifist and have no sympathy for the cowards that planned this atrocity. I personally support the ideas of the American people as laid out in their Declaration of Independence and the character shown at their Boston Tea Party.

That doesn't mean their attitude towards Iraq shows the same high ideals. America is our friend. The world needs to hear what we learnt then. America needs to hear that our history is not forgotten. Never follow a greedy master to war. Roger Boehm passed away in Denton on October 31, He is survived by his wife Rose Boehm also of Denton, and two daughters. Roger truly loved Alice Springs and going "bush". And, returned may times. He took a piece of the Alice with him in his heart. Jim Millette tonopah earthlink. I was closely associated with George throughout his years in the NT.

We still correspond by mail.

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It was stated in an article in the Centralian Advocate Sept 27 that George had claimed the pastoral industry would never recover from the big drought of , and that he was a pessimist. He was a realist who was aware of the pasture destruction that had devastated the western district of NSW in the s due to over-stocking followed by a severe drought.

George did not want to see this happen to Central Australia. He was ahead of his time in his demonstrations of what are now accepted as ordinary land and vegetation measures. He had a series of small areas fenced off on Yambah and Bond Springs stations, which demonstrated the benefits of preserving areas from grazing in the hard times.

He devised a pioneering system of determining pasture conditions.

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As a member of the Animal Industry branch, his work was aimed at benefiting the pastoral industry. Botany section solved many cases of live stock poisoning, including some which occurred along the stock routes, many of which were devoid of good pasture due to over-grazing long before the drought.

This had caused increases in toxic plants, which were grazed by hungry animals, as little else was available. The Centralian Advocate article claimed that the "esteemed botanist" took the next plane out and was never seen again when the drought broke. My son Alex explained in a response to the article the incorrectness of that statement. Personal matters were the reason for George's departure by train, six months after the breaking of the drought.

He subsequently returned to the NT on three occasions. On one of these three visits I drove him around many of his old work sites. He expressed pleasure on seeing the recovery of many of these areas. Unfortunately, in spite of his endeavours during the drought, some members of the industry which he was trying to help decided to target George, I can only surmise, for having the temerity to suggest that he had better knowledge of aspects of the Centre then they had.

In particular, one prominent cattle owner, along with the editor of a local magazine conducted a disgraceful campaign to denigrate George. I was glad to have helped in uncovering the deception of this enterprise. The cattle owner I prefer this description, rather than that of a pastoralist displayed great ignorance of the pastures on which his livestock roamed. Being a public servant, George was limited in the way in the way in which he could respond to criticism.

However, to his credit the then director of Animal Industry Branch, Goff Letts, responded to nonsensical claims made in an article in the local magazine. The editor was obliged to publish this retraction. The cattle owner has passed away. The magazine editor subsequently left, never to be heard of again. Persons who wish to know more details of this matter may contact me personally.