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She was abducted. We see parallel lives being lived from that day forward. There is the family and their loss and emotions and striving to move forward There is this woman Its a very powerful read. Its not straight forward where you can hate one woman and not the other. My thoughts initially as I was reading it Then my mind changed. How on earth could a Mother take another Mother's child, is she mad without emotions? Then I changed. Where was this woman who abducted Livvy, where was her husband? Her extended family and friends? How did she explain this away?

Checking causality

Oh boy I loved, loved, loved this book, yes the ending made me cry. If such a book can bring out so many thoughts, so many emotions in you Linda Huber really nailed it for me! I need to look to see if she has any other books!

I have to thank Legend Press via Net Galley for my copy to read and review Aug 07, Liz Barnsley rated it it was amazing Shelves: received-from-publisher. An extremely emotional read this one, so evocative and very very haunting dealing as it does with the loss of a child and the far reaching consequences that this can have on a family. As well as being beautifully written, it is very memorable and one that will stay with me for a long time. A momentary lapse of attention during a day at the beach and Olivia is lost. Her parents Maggie and Colin pray, but it seems as if she has been taken by the cold cold sea — although Maggie refuses t An extremely emotional read this one, so evocative and very very haunting dealing as it does with the loss of a child and the far reaching consequences that this can have on a family.

Her parents Maggie and Colin pray, but it seems as if she has been taken by the cold cold sea — although Maggie refuses to leave their cottage, holding onto hope, Colin understands that they have to move on. Not far away from Maggie, we find Jennifer, pregnant and alone while her husband is away in the US, she is struggling to cope with her 5 year old daughter as she starts school.

Hailey is becoming unmanageable and Jennifer cannot quite put her finger on the problem… Perfectly paced and with great psychological insight, this is an intriguing and graceful story with a dark heart and great resonance to the writing that holds you in place throughout. My sympathy ebbed and flowed with each passing chapter, I was at turns horrified and captivated, often surprised by the reactions of some of the exquisitely drawn characters. Overall a wonderful read, heart stopping and heart warming in equal measure and one that comes highly recommended from me. Happy Reading Folks!

Jul 24, Elaine rated it really liked it. This is the second book I have read by Linda Huber and I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed both of them. The author really is skilled at telling a story that will have you really caring for the characters and hoping against hope for a happy ending. I really felt for Maggie as she stared out to see day after day waiting for her daughter to be brought back to her.

I was thoroughly gripped by this story which is filled with suspense and emotion. A very good read for fans of psychological dramas. Many thanks to the publishers for the advance copy in return for a review. View 1 comment. Oct 27, Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: psychological-thrillers , books-i-own , reading-challenge This is my 1st novel I have read by Linda Huber and my thoughts are why have I waited so long?

A real page turner that kept me up to the wee hours of the morning. This book is the beginning of a wonderful friendship with this author and can't wait to read another one of her books. Thanks to Goodreads for helping me discover this book. Without Goodreads I would have missed out on a lot of fantastic new discoveries.

Aug 06, Steve rated it really liked it Shelves: suspense-thriller , read-in , foreign , mystery , early-review-netgalley. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This was a disturbing book.

Scientists, volunteers rescue about 1,000 cold-stunned sea turtles

I'm not sure I could go through something like what the family experienced. The writing was pretty good, and the various viewpoints made it interesting, looking at the events from the perspective of the insane mother, the father swept up in the events, the school teacher, and the family that lost their little girl. Jun 26, Christine rated it it was amazing.

Thanks to Netgalley and Legend Press for the review copy of this book. This is a story of two families. Maggie and Colin are on holiday in Cornwall, when their daughter Livvy goes missing. For Maggie, the pain and guilt is unbearable. Heavily pregnant Jennifer has a five year old daughter, Hailey.

Hailey has become more difficult to manage and thankfully is starting school. Jennifer is waiting for her husband to return from America, and for life to get back to normal.

Scientists, volunteers rescue about 1, cold-stunned sea turtles

What impressed m Thanks to Netgalley and Legend Press for the review copy of this book. What impressed me was the way Linda Huber dealt with difficult issues, like pain and loss, child abuse and in no way was sentimental. There was a mature feel to the emotional content. This is an intelligent read, that leaves you reflecting on how you would cope in Jennifer or Maggie's situation.

A split second lack of attention had led to their daughter going missing. Colin and Maggie both blamed each other and you could tell their relationship is falling apart. As for Jennifer, this thread of the book was the most fascinating. Jennifer's character and motivation are slowly revealed over the course of the book. Initially we see a cold, unfeeling mother and it takes a while to put this into some kind of context. I found myself feeling a great deal of empathy for her. Highly recommended. Jul 19, Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-thrillers.

If a parent is reading this book and they are on the beach they certainly will not want to take their eyes off their children as you never know what can happen to them right before your eyes. I could not put this book down there is such a tense feel in the novel it drives you on to read more. Every page devoured in the hope there could be a happy conclusion, rather than the psychological torture that takes place in the story.

Analysis shows why correlation is not causation, in this case.

Somehow Livvy goes missing on the beach somewhere between her mother at the top of the beach and her father on the shoreline looking in the rock pools with Joe. Maggie only takes her eyes off Livvy for a few minutes but she is gone. The police and coastguard searches cannot find Livvy and she will not leave the cottage until she is found. She needs to accept the sea has taken Livvy and move on. Philip Marshall is out in California with his Gran as she slowly leaves this moral coil and his wife, Jennifer, is back at home in Devon and he wonders how she is coping.

She has said she if fine and is looking forward to seeing him home soon and she has a wonderful surprise for him. She does not tell him that in between looking after Hailey, being pregnant with twins and a new house she is shattered. Katie the reception class teacher knows there is something wrong but she cannot quite put her finger on it. The poor child is smaller than the other children, quite withdrawn and has some surprising reactions to what happens around her in the classroom. There is something odd about her and her mother, but only time will tell. I really could not put this book down as it is so powerful from the first page until the last hitting all those psychological buttons that makes this thriller so real.