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For a full list of maintenance pages, see Special:SpecialPages. Trending Discussions. Loading Discussions Blog posts. All blog posts. Admin rights April 6, by SonsuzEvren. September 13, by Night Vision. Other Wikis. It initially found that by adhering too closely to the White Wolf source material rules for guns, where the effectiveness of a shot is determined in a contest between the player's skill and the opponent's defense, the firearms seemed broken; the player would not hit where they aimed. Troika found it difficult to mesh the available factors in a real-time setting.

Troika used first-person perspective to immerse the player in the setting, interacting face-to-face with the characters and seeing their facial reactions to the player. This aided the story and compensated for the technical issues of allowing multiple player characters. Choice is a significant aspect of the game, requiring a non-linear design to accommodate the customized characters. Level design began with a list of factors such as Disciplines, stealth and feats. Each area had to be viable for a shooting character sufficient ammunition , a discipline-focused character sufficient blood sources to keep the powers fueled and a melee specialist to reach enemies without being killed , with stealth options and option combinations.

Level design began with a focus on stealth, taking into consideration the positioning of guards and the character's potential stealth capability at that point in the game. Then direct, combat-heavy and dialog paths were added. Director Leonard Boyarsky considered the animation system important in the team's choice of the Source engine. The integrated "faceposer" tool allowed Troika to customize facial animations, expressions, gestures and lip-synching, eliminating the need to explain what a character was doing.

Every non-player character required a voiceover, which helped Troika define its characters more quickly. The engine had a physics system permitting new features, such as monsters hurling corpses at the player or dying characters realistically crumbling into pieces, instead of requiring pre-built animations. Describing the choice of developing a game based on the existing White Wolf property over creating their own, Boyarsky said that although an original property lacked the constraints of an existing one, the downside was that it had not been tested and could be rejected by its potential audience; an existing property was proven.

Activision introduced the game in May , [46] but in October, Valve experienced a security breach in which hackers stole the source code for Half-Life 2.

Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) by Richelle Mead

The breach required new security implementations for the engine, delaying both games; the release of Bloodlines was postponed until early With no producer oversight, Mullich found the game's design incomplete, game levels created and abandoned, and several technical issues, including problems with code for the proposed multiplayer option. In addition to problems with the Source engine, the designers found that the game's scope exceeded their resources.

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Bloodlines has several styles of gameplay, requiring different interfaces, animations and artificial intelligence for stealth and melee combat, and first- or third-person capability. The game's scope suffered from content not being removed when necessary ; other components would be endlessly refined without being finalized, preventing the developers from focusing on other parts of the game system.

After three years in development, the game was progressing slowly, and it was unknown when it would be finished. Activision decided that the game was suitable for release, but was contractually bound to withhold Bloodlines until after the debut of Half-Life 2 in November Troika convinced Activision to use the delay to fund further development; the additional budget was not enough to pay all of Troika's staff, and some employees worked unpaid to complete the project.

This version underwent another three weeks of testing to become the final release code ; [30] the game was still unfinished when Activision forced its release. The game's original score was composed and produced by Rik Schaffer. Troika was unable to obtain the rights to use the song in the finished game, and tasked Schaffer with creating something similar. Layne worked with Bloodlines artist Tim Bradstreet for a day to provide the poses chosen by Activision to represent Jeanette in the game's posters, clothing, and other items. Shortly after its debut, most of the development staff were laid off; the remaining staff tried to patch Bloodlines and develop game concepts to secure funding to keep Troika in business.

In a interview, Anderson said that although Troika Games' library had been critically well received, consistent technical issues had marred the perception of the company's games, contributing to Troika's difficulty in obtaining new projects. He said "I feel the second half of the game isn't as good as the first. I feel like we devolved into relying too much on combat at the end.

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He said, "it might have been too early for people to appreciate it, but we'll never know. Unofficial patches have been created by the game's fans to address Bloodlines ' technical problems, and restore missing and incomplete content. The game community tested Spahl's patches, providing reports on bugs and spelling errors. Although the game's complexity meant that repairing one aspect often broke another, as work on the patches progressed Spahl began restoring removed and incomplete content in the game files, adding quests, items, weapons, and characters, with fan help to provide voice acting, models, and reinstating whole levels.

A library area, for example, was restored after Mitsoda told Spahl only that "it was somehow connected to a main character and a Sabbat boss, and was meant to look like the real-world [Los Angeles] library. Schaffer also provided Spahl with unreleased scores from the game.

This resulted in two patch versions: a basic version, fixing the game's technical issues, and a "plus" version with the additional content. As of , the game has over 10 years of post-release support with the release of version 9. Boyarsky voiced his support for unofficial patches, saying "they've found the stuff that we hoped people would find about the game, in terms of the different paths you can take and how it played differently for every class.

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines received a mixed response, with reviewers praising its writing and presentation and criticizing its technical problems. The game has been called a flawed masterpiece by critics. Nothing's even tried". IGN appreciated Bloodlines ' rewarding exploration outside the main story, and the New York Times and GameSpy praised its "wonderfully imaginative" missions.

Its writing was consistently praised by reviewers.

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Eurogamer said that it had the best script the website had ever seen in a video game, [5] and others described it as a superbly crafted tale of conspiracies, underworld subterfuge, fun and intrigue. The mature themes succeeded without being gratuitous or exploitative, and were explored honestly and intelligently by a knowledgeable writer.

ЛУЧШАЯ ИГРА О ВАМПИРАХ — Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

GameSpot and GameSpy called the dialog sharply written, with many memorable lines. PC Zone opined that the quantity of well-written dialog did not guarantee quality; many player choices seemed to have little effect on a conversation's outcome, and the best response was often the most obvious. Much of Bloodlines ' criticism focused on technical problems when it was released, undermining the game experience or making it unplayable.

Others cited frequent, sometimes-lengthy load times encountered while moving between hubs and entering or exiting buildings and areas.


Combat was also criticized. Reviewers called it poor, clumsy, and unsatisfactory, [1] [5] complaining that Bloodlines favors melee combat; firearms were weak, unwieldy and slow, even for characters specializing in guns. Bloodlines is considered a cult classic. In , an article in Rock, Paper, Shotgun declared: "The sense of sorrow comes from the realisation that there's nothing like [ Bloodlines ] on the horizon Oh right, because it's so very hard to do In , PC Zone listed Bloodlines the seventh-best PC game which people were unlikely to have played, calling it the "best buggy game ever released".

In a November interview Boyarsky said that although the team would like to pursue a Bloodlines sequel, the decision was Activision's. According to Boyarsky, the prototype was one small area built using assets taken from Bloodlines , and allowed the player to play as a Werewolf, or a human capable of turning into one.

Paradox Interactive obtained the rights to Bloodlines in , following their purchase of White Wolf. Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester confirmed that a sequel was possible, stating "when the time is right I guess a sequel will find its place in the market. Set in the city of Seattle, Bloodlines 2 serves as a direct sequel to Bloodlines , casting the player as a fledgling Thin-blood vampire vampires possessing relatively weak abilities.

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Archived from the original on April 5, Retrieved April 5, So let me quickly read the first answer from Rik. When I started the project that was the placeholder track they had in for like a year. They were married to it but couldn't get the rights. They said make something similar.

I hate copying artists, but made it kind of my own.